What is cutie.space?

We are a curated Glitch-soc server on the wider Mastodon / Fediverse network.
We like to keep things light, cute, and fun. <3

Home to 9 users
Who authored 13,579 statuses
Connected to 541 other instances

This instance uses the Mutant Standard emoji set.
Pride heart emoji are by Discord user CAMERATA#4771
Agender heart emoji is by Una

This is an intentionally curated instance, specifically for a very small subset of people. There are many other instances that are less restrictive.

Until deviation becomes necessary, this instance will follow the terms of service/code of conduct of the flagship instance. Please read and follow them while participating in this community.

Additional guidelines:

  • Posts containing a piece of art must be credited, ideally with a link back to the source
  • Provide appropriate content warnings on potentially sensitive posts and use NSFW tags liberally on adult images, spoilers, and other content that not everyone may want to see.
  • We really aren't keen on seeing current events of a political nature, so we encourage that to be minimally posted and require a politics content warning (there are plenty of other places for this)
  • Any language is welcome here
  • We make liberal use of user and domain-wide blocks at the instance level

All updates on site status, ToS changes, and so forth will be provided by Cutie Space PSA.

Suspended Instances:

Cutie Space is very strict in what content comes in. We do not currently have any silenced instances, but we have suspended many (you cannot see content or follow anybody from these instances):

Suspended for having a weak policy on violent speech:

  • hakui.club (also federates distressing content)
  • gs.archae.me (also allows lolicon)
  • gs.kawa-kun.com (also allows lolicon)
  • social.targaryan.house

Suspended for allowing harassment:

  • noagendasocial.com
  • sunshinegardens.org
  • niu.moe
  • nulled.red

Suspended for being a violent speech area:

  • counter.social (anti-trans admin)
  • shitposter.club
  • sealion.club
  • freezepeach.xyz
  • freezepeach.net
  • unsafe.space
  • social.heldscal.la
  • wrongthink.net
  • ediot.social
  • gs.smuglo.li
  • libertarianism.club
  • social.lucci.xyz
  • manx.social
  • maly.io
  • freespeech.firedragonstudios.com

Suspended for lolicon:

  • social.homunyan.com
  • baraag.net
  • preteengirls.biz
  • mastodon.loliandstuff.moe
  • social.allthefallen.ninja
  • jabb.in

Suspended for having zero moderation:

  • toot.love
  • npf.mlpol.net
  • social.i2p.rocks
  • 2.distsn.org (home to many spam accounts)
  • ika.moe
  • anitwitter.moe
  • pleroma.soykaf.com
  • zerohack.xyz

Suspended for being a corporate instance used for advertising:

  • social.raptorengineering.io