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Charlotte 💜 KSC Llaitchee-Lily @LottieVixen

Holy....shit this font

Brilliant New Typeface Combines Touchable Braille With Visible Letters

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@LottieVixen @samuel_thibault
Du coup pour faire un texte accessible, t'as juste à l'imprimer/graver/whatever et coller des bidules autocollants là où il faut. :)

@teslas_moustache i'm very mildly dyslexic and this is awful to look at. might be okay without contrasting colors, but most dyslexia-friendly fonts are weighted at the bottom to help dyslexic eyeballs orient themselves to the proper direction of the text. very cool idea for a font though. @mareklach @LottieVixen

@ghost @teslas_moustache @LottieVixen Right. So having a white background, rather than blue letters would be more helpful, is what you are saying?

@mareklach @teslas_moustache @LottieVixen the black dots on the blue lettering is what i meant by contrasting colors. since most braille readers aren't going to care too much about the colors, if they were all black or all blue letters, including dots, it might be a little easier to read.

for hardcore dyslexics, though, most will probably need something more like this: