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If you want to help me survive, it'd be very nice to help me out in whatever little way you could

thank you

okay imma try move over everything to tootcat now/soon

okay...since seems to be falling apart.. right now, I might need to move to*sigh*

is it just me or is having issues with media? emoji and images aren't coming through properly..

petition to rename "president" to "supreme landlord"

I wish I could install linux on my's the best computer I have :(

recently...I've realised how shit my laptops are. *sigh*

I had no idea what I was missing out on not seeing shel's toots until recently...heck so good

I'm writing a guidebook for activism.

Dear world,
is online.

My insurance company hasn't paid my disability this year.
I'm being evicted.
I'm trying to somehow produce enough benefit to the community that people can risk spending their money, right now, to help me out.

Please share this with others, and on other social networks.

Good activism tools help us all.
Help me stay alive, please?
#pdx #activism #opensource

To be clear, this is real:

Samsung of Sweden made a hypnotherapy recording to make people forget their favorite TV shows so that they can rewatch them "fresh."

You shouldn't need to know my credentials to trust me when I say it's a bad idea for you to actually listen to a hypnosis recording created by an international corporation seeking to profit off of you and play with your memories.

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